Culture at the Cinema

Tomorrow's technology for distribution

The web is a natural channel for the distribution of audio visual media in all its forms - from small digital formats and videos games, to IP TV for television, and in the not so distant future, the transmission of live events directly to cinemas. Until recently the challenge has been in transmitting both sound and picture to the big screen via web as the signal requires a very strong and stable network connection. At present most networks are unable to handle this powerful signal.

The solution lies in compressing media in a way that preserves the quality of the audio and visual elements. This has already been achieved in media for computers, video games and TV, but we hadn´t yet found a solution that would make it possible for transmission to cinemas.

That is until now. The solutions is also a Norwegian product based on work done by an American development company, assembled and financed in Norway. The system is called Epic Streamer. With Epic Streamer cinemas around the country can sign up for and feature events that demand a live hookup, without requiring a big investment.

The Nutcracker 

Nearly 27,000 people have secured tickets to this year´s performance of The Nutcracker at Bjørvika (The Norwegian Opera and Ballet) This year the popular ballet with at last be broadcasted directly to the large screen in selected cinemas throughout Norway.

The Nutcracker is classical ballet magic and Tsjajkovskij´s contagious music. The Nutcracker is little children dancing around the in the foyer of the Opera House, attempting to stand on point in heavy winter boots. No wonder the National Ballet´s Christmas adventure is for many the ultimate pre- holiday experience! We meet little Clara who, after the family´s Christmas Party, falls asleep and embarks on a dreamworld adventurel. Together with the Nutcracker Prince she visits foreign places like the land of the Snow Queen and Sugar Plum Fairies, and experiences dances from all corners of the world. The stage filled with ballerinas and princes large and small, colorful costumes and fantastic scenery.



Director: Anja Stabell
Producer: Stein-Roger Bull, NordicStories AS 2013

Direct broadcast: December 15th 2013

Verdis Requiem:

Giuseppe Verdi -Messa da requiem

Verdi himself brought this magnificent work to Milano´s San Marco Church which has since become the most loved and emotionally expressive work in its genre. Requiem has also been called “opera for the concert hall” and is the first masterpiece Verdi wrote after Aida.

Serena Farnocchia, soprano 
Julia Gertseva, mezzo soprano 
Michael Fabiano, tenor 
Michele Petrusi, bass

Director: Kristian Løkken
Producer: Stein-Roger Bull, NordicStories AS 2013

Direct broadcast: March 21th 2013

When the Robbers Came to Cardamon Town

On the occasion of Thorbjørn Egner´s anniversary year, we presented the National Theater´s performance in a live broadcast in cinemas on December 1st, 2012.

The story is the same, about Tobias in the tower, the tram driver Syversen and little Kamomilla. But also expect a fresh musical celebration performance in Egner´s anniversary year.

The National Theater has had a long and close relationship with Thorbjørn Egner. They had the premier of Cardamon Town at the theater in 1956, and now in Egner´s anniversary year 2012, Cardamon Town is performed for the 18th time. Together with dancers and musicians the National Theater´s ensemble offers a festive evening for the entire family. This year the rolls of Tommy, Remo and Kamomilla are played by children, something that increases contact with the young audience. And everyone is encouraged to sing along!

The director is British Lisa Kent who has a solid background as choreographer and director of musical theater from England and Scandinavia. Taking a fresh approach Kent hopes to give the story a lift and shape a performance with energy, humor, dance and a great deal of music.

Even though the costumes are new and the scenography shinned up, you will never be in doubt - we are still in Cardamon Town.

This is what the press has to say:

«Back to the Idyllic»
-- Dagsavisen 

«Cardamon Town with a touch of West End» 
-- Vårt land

«When Robbers Came to Cardamon Town has had a musical make-over» 
-- VG 

«An unusually successful interpretation of Egner´s theatrical masterpiece» 
-- Klassekampen

Giacomo Puccini - La Bohème

The opera "La Bohème", directed by Stefan Herheim, premiered at the Norwegian Opera House in Oslo on January 20th 2012.

On February 4th, the performance was screened in 49 movie theaters across the country. It was the first time a Norwegian-produced program was distributed to movie theaters. A total of 6,500 people followed the on stage drama in movie theaters in Oslo in addition to the 1,400 who were in the audience. The performance was transmitted via satellite to theaters that already had the receiver, and used the new streaming technology for movie theaters receiving this cultural event for the first time. On March 11th La Boheme was broadcast on NRK and was later made available internationally by Büro Dr. Reiner Moritz Grünwald in London.

The Norwegian Opera & Ballet
Conductor: Eivind Gullberg Jensen 
Instructor: Stefan Herheim 
Vocal Soloists: Diego Torre, Vasilij Ladjuk, Marita Sølberg, Jennifer Rowley, Giovanni Battista Parodi, Espen Langvik

TV-Director: Stein-Roger Bull 
Producer: Rune H. Trondsen, NordicStories AS 2012

Broadcasted: NRK, March 2012